Intellia announces latest data from Phase 1/2 study for HAE

The NTLA-2002 data further validates the modularity of Intellia’s industry-leading genome editing platform and its potential to target a multitude of genetic diseases.

A Message from CEO John Leonard, M.D.

A CRISPR Moment in Time

When I graduated medical school in 1983, if someone had asked me then, “What do you think the medical field will look like in 40 years?” I couldn’t have imagined the possibility of where we are today. The idea of editing DNA to possibly treat someone of a rare, genetic disease would have seemed unreachable.

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NTLA-2002 Phase 1/2 study

NTLA-2002 is Intellia’s second investigational CRISPR therapeutic candidate to be administered systemically to edit disease-causing genes inside the human body with a single dose of treatment.

NTLA-2002 Phase 1/2 study