“Have you ever been in an environment full of intellectual people? Now combine that with CRISPR/Cas9. Greatness at full potential.”

Sr. Associate Scientist, Mass Spectrometry

“My father-in-law, Ben – or as Pam calls him, Benny – lost his battle with AML far too soon, which makes me especially proud to work for a company that is striving to provide curative treatments for that disease, among others.”

Associate Director, Finance
Pam, whose husband passed away from acute myeloid leukemia

“Benny had a way of making everything OK. I miss his smile.”

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“The thought that my efforts to advance our CRISPR technology give hope to patients suffering from life-threatening genetic diseases drives me to work every day.”

Senior Associate Scientist, CMC
Bill, living with transthyretin amyloidosis, and his wife, Maura

“I get up every day to show our kids that life doesn’t stop with a diagnosis.”

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“I like working at Intellia because I am challenged to think creatively and collaboratively. It’s rewarding to know our efforts are making an impact toward our goal of developing potentially life-changing therapies.”

Senior Research Associate, DNA Repair

“UKATPA’s objective is to raise awareness and give support to patients, caregivers and health care professionals.”

UKATPA Treasurer

Vince and David, friends and colleagues living with ATTR

“The biggest surprise to us was how many people have amyloidosis and don’t have anyone to talk to.”
– David, UKATPA Secretary

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“Intellia provides the perfect combination of innovative science, great people and room for professional growth.”

Senior Research Associate, Cell Therapy