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Full-Spectrum Approach

At Intellia, we are building a full-spectrum, product-driven biotechnology company focused on our mission of developing and commercializing potentially curative genome editing treatments that can positively transform the lives of people living with severe and life-threatening diseases.

Intellia’s Modular Platform

In Vivo

Genetic Diseases

On the in vivo side, our systemic lipid nanoparticle or LNP-based delivery system has the potential to unlock treatment of genetic diseases by selectively knocking out disease-causing genes, introducing targeted insertion of a functional gene, or both.

Ex Vivo

Immuno-oncology / Autoimmune Diseases

On the ex vivo side, we are focused on engineering T cell therapies to provide them with particular enhanced attributes that may more effectively treat oncological and autoimmune diseases. Our approach is to reproduce natural cell physiology to improve safety and efficacy by engineering cell therapies that are more precise, potent and persistent.


Here’s what we are doing to make CRISPR-based genome editing a reality:

Develop CRISPR Potential

Focus on indications that enable us to fully harness the potential of the CRISPR system to broad patient populations

Pursue new therapies and delivery technologies

Aggressively pursue in vivo liver indications to rapidly develop therapeutics with customized modular delivery technology and expand our ex vivo engineered cell therapies on immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases

Build Key Partnerships and Collaborations

Maintain strategic partnerships to accelerate clinical development and advance CRISPR-based therapeutics

Improve CRISPR Technology

Grow our technological leadership position by developing improvements on all aspects of the CRISPR technology

Unlocking the Full
Potential of CRISPR