January 31, 2023

Reaching Patients Through Our Partnerships

Derek Hicks
Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer
Intellia Therapeutics

In the field of biotech, sometimes, partnerships and collaborations are vital to maximize the impact of new technologies.

We often ask ourselves: “How can we accelerate the science happening inside our walls with the help of innovation outside Intellia?” When we consider potential partners, we prioritize whether we share the same cultural and strategic vision. Are they as passionate about the science as we are? Is their fundamental objective to help patients with significant unmet medical needs? We look for technologies, resources or capabilities that might allow us to achieve results greater than those we could generate on our own.

“Scientific progress isn’t a zero-sum game.”

Throughout my career, one story that continues to resonate with me comes from the martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. Lee used to stress the importance of “emptying your cup.” This analogy is about a teacher who can’t fill a student’s cup with tea because it’s already full. What is the meaning? Well, if you have preconceived ideas or well-established beliefs, it can be difficult to be open to other perspectives. For me, this story is important to remember, especially at a company pioneering a novel technology like CRISPR. Scientific progress isn’t a zero-sum game. That’s the philosophy behind our business partnerships — bring an open mind to determine how we can work together with various stakeholders to benefit patients.

Since I joined Intellia a year ago, we continue to advance our platform in ways we likely couldn’t tackle alone. For example, with Regeneron we’re developing Intellia’s investigational in vivo CRISPR candidate, NTLA-2001 for the treatment of transthyretin (ATTR) amyloidosis. On the ex vivo side, companies taking advantage of Intellia’s allogeneic platform include AvenCell, which is focused on oncology, and Kyverna, which is developing potential candidates for autoimmune diseases. In addition, our collaboration with ONK Therapeutics leverages our genome editing platform and their NK cell platform to develop NK cell products for oncology. Lastly, our partnership with SparingVision, which was shortlisted for the 2022 Scrip Award for Best Partnership Alliance, helps us expand into other tissues by targeting ocular diseases.

In this industry, medical breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. To set them in motion, sometimes we need to lean on each other and be open to different ideas, because at the end of the day, it’s all about changing life stories.

Forward-Looking Statements

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