August 14, 2023

The Evolution of One at Intellia

Shaun Vigeant
Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Human Resources
Intellia Therapeutics

A lot has changed since I joined Intellia in the spring of 2017. Our workforce has grown from 100 to 600, our leadership team has been completely transformed, our physical footprint expanded from one to six buildings, and due to the impact of COVID-19, our work approach has shifted from entirely in-person to a hybrid model.

Despite these significant changes, the company’s culture and values have endured. This is a tribute to our leadership team, a collaboration-first mentality and by hiring people who share our passion for science, patients and teamwork.

It starts at the top.

At the core of our culture is our leadership team. They embody humility and authenticity, and prioritize hiring exceptional people who bring a team-first mindset. Our CEO personally meets with every new hire that joins the company, because it is important everyone feels welcomed and appreciated from day one.

When I joined as a senior manager, “Talent Acquisition” was an unfamiliar concept for many at Intellia. However, the leadership team ensured my voice was heard. They have never focused on titles but rather individual qualities and strengths.

We’re all in this together.

A fundamental aspect of our culture is collaboration. We frequently use the term One Intellia One, being a core value — to emphasize the importance of teamwork.

If I ever find myself overwhelmed or falling behind on a deadline, my team always steps in to help. This spirit of support and cooperation sets Intellia apart from other companies, and when potential job candidates ask about our culture, it’s what I highlight most.

We recruit people who align with our vision.

Naturally, our recruitment process plays a large part in maintaining Intellia’s culture. We’ve worked hard to make sure the people we bring in embody the right qualities. During interviews, we evaluate candidates not only for their technical competence, but also key values. We prioritize individuals motivated by our scientific pursuits, who are coachable and authentic.

“Our company engagement survey revealed more than 90% of employees consider Intellia a great place to work.”

Fun fact: Nearly 40% of our hires over the past two years have been referrals from current employees. To have a referral percentage this high tells us our employees love it here and speaks volumes about our work environment. Not to mention, our company engagement survey revealed more than 90% of employees consider Intellia a great place to work. These numbers are a true testament to our company culture.

At other companies, if you were to ask 10 people to describe their company culture, more than likely, you would expect to receive 10 different answers. However, at Intellia, the consistent response is the concept of One. As we grow and move towards commercialization, I am confident the value One will continue to be a model for how we operate.