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Why Intellia is a ‘Top Place to Work’

Marika St. Amand Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer Intellia Therapeutics

One of the things I love about Intellia is that innovation is everywhere. We like to say we have employees who want to change the world. And when I go to work in the morning, I see that in the people around me.

That change-the-world mentality doesn’t just apply to our science. It applies to everything, which is what makes our culture vibrant and unique, not to mention, having employees from 26 countries, who create an inclusive and diverse environment.

In our 2022 engagement survey, 97% of employees agreed they are proud to work at Intellia. But don’t take our word for it. Others seem to agree. For the second year in a row, Intellia has been named one of the Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work. This latest recognition, along with being named a BioSpace 2023 Best Places to Work, is a testament to the kind of people who work here who are motivated to make a difference every day. Here’s why.

We are Fearless

Intellia has four company values — One, Explore, Disrupt, Deliver. Disrupt is my favorite. Our CEO, John Leonard, refers to it as “breaking something to make it better.” You don’t develop medicines that could be potentially curative if you keep doing what has been done before. You must fundamentally think differently.

We are not bystanders. We are change-the-world people.

We hire people who don’t just imagine big things, they make them happen. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit that shines through. We aren’t looking at the landscape saying, “We can do that better.” We know we need to do it a lot better. We are fearless. We are not bystanders. We are change-the-world people.

We Work as One

When I talk to new employees, I often use the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of working as One. We didn’t hire a consulting firm to say, “OK, how do we get through the next year?” Instead, we asked our employees that very same question — half the company volunteered to help. At the time, we only had around 200 employees — we now have more than 600 — and I was still relatively new and shocked at how many raised their hands so quickly.

Some employees were onsite, some hybrid and some remote. It worked — and continues to work. We shifted from a Massachusetts-based company with a few people in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, to a company with 10% of the workforce fully remote, spanning 22 states.

Together in the face of adversity, we strengthened the company culture. We grew. And we discovered new ways to connect, collaborate and communicate.

That sense of camaraderie is what defines us and is palpable every day.

We Built a Culture on Caring

Working at Intellia is being a part of something bigger. Whether you’re a researcher or a recruiter, our goal is to make everyone feel they’re a part of something that has the potential to change life stories. And everyone here has their own story with their own experience and different disciplines — and we’ve built our community based on that.

More than a quarter of our employees actively participate as Cultural Ambassadors, promoting continuous learning, wellness, and organizing community and social events. In addition, we have three thriving Employee Resource Groups, all of which host regular on-site and virtual events that create a space for employees to express themselves and share their experiences.

We support our employees with benefits like family planning, from surrogacy to adoption to a generous paid family-leave policies. And we break convention with three annual company-wide shutdowns to make sure people take time to rest and recharge.

One is a company value, because we are One Team. Each employee brings a richness to the organization, because of who they are and where they come from.